Building, educating, upholding the norms and culture of quality moral character with a high spirit of nationalism.


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Goals and Programs

Building friendships between academics from various elements, such as the faculties of medicine, economics, social science and politics, so that Professors and Doctors from Airlangga University have the same Vision and Mission to bring benefits to the nation’s successors who uphold superior morality.

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The NPM Foundation provides online learning activities and even live streaming for anyone who wants to learn more.
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Training and coaching are the parameters of the NPM Foundation in achieving its vision and mission.

To create initiatives to address the nation’s growing social issues, particularly those related to health, the economy, education, and social culture. To produce the future generation of a healthy and intelligent nation, the founders work as non-permanent teaching staff at the Institutional & Training Center in conjunction with state-owned and private businesses.

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Placement of international nurses and midwives in the Middle East through socialisation and open selection.

Assisting training participants, graduates, employees, and other stakeholders to develop moral character and form a cadre of national leaders with a strong sense of nationalism. To preserve the unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, the foundation’s founders hoped that it would help safeguard Indonesian cultural norms and values in the eyes of the international community as a solid and independent nation.

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