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Sharing Knowlede Is NPM Foundation's Vision

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

The NPM Foundation is a trusted organisation to gather, manages, and promotes science characteristics from a wide range of faculties and social funds dedicated to building the community's independence with the inspiration of care, tolerance, and economic values.

This institution is independent and non-partial to the interests of a particular group with a spirit of community dedication. In the program's activities, the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Foundation is building cooperation with stakeholders such as the government of BUMN, Private Training Educational Institutions, to other public institutions through the collection of non-binding social funds and corporate social responsibility. (CSR).

The institution is also supported by a network of volunteers from all over Indonesia who can respond quickly to social issues, problems of poverty, and hate.

It is making the primary goal of Nusantara Patriots Majapahit as an institution that educates the nation as well as lightening and having a program - program for solving social problems, particularly in the field of Health, Economy, Education, Social, and Cultural.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Our Vision

1. Sharing knowledge and training for MSME business actors in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

2. Sharing knowledge and training with qualified medical professionals so that they have experience as a basis for working capital and work references so that they have opportunities to work abroad, especially in the health sector.

3. Knowledge sharing and training, especially in Communication and International relations, is supported by qualified teaching staff or lecturers from Universities and Higher Education in Indonesia.

Open Day 2023

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  • Monday - Saturday
  • 9 am – 4 pm
  • Intiland tower 3rd Floors 2F No 2

Our Mission

  • Helping the performance of building cooperation and carrying out the programme of central government and regional government programs in the Education, Health, Economy, Livestock, Fisheries & Socio-Cultural sectors, both nationally and internationally. Providing mobile-health car services.
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship training for MSME business owners to increase the nation's economic solid growth so that new business owners in the MSMEs sector are meant to absorb the unemployed & reduce the poverty rate in Indonesia.
  • National Food Security Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Foundation synergise with The Indonesian National Armed Forces in the agriculture, plantation, livestock and fisheries sectors along with all societal elements and works with the local government towards Kampung Bahari Nusantara (KBN).
  • Assisting in areas such as research and development, the construction of healthcare facilities, education, course, and training, the incubation of MSMEs, coaching, sports, and the development of social infrastructure, all governed by the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Establishing partnerships between foundations on a national and worldwide level with the participants from the central, regional, and governmental sectors in health, economics, sports, and socio-culture.
  • Introducing Indonesian culture to the world is to help increase interest, particularly in the tourism and creative industries, to help the government increase the income of the country's foreign exchange reserves. Helping and printing innovative businesses and encouraging the nation's children's work industry so they can compete in the international business market.
  • Helping to make animal feed more accessible, supporting community empowerment initiatives, and forming alliances with orphanages recognised by the government in multipurpose cooperatives. To promote Koperasi Multiguna programs in the livestock and fishing industries so that the orphans can have the possibility to work with the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Koperasi Multiguna to absorb unemployment and maximise community empowerment initiatives in the areas of animal husbandry, fisheries, and farmer house markets. Through the community empowerment program of the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Foundation, Nusantara Patriots Majapahit also assists Indonesian orphans in finding suitable employment opportunities. The Farmers House sells livestock products, and the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit foundation operates a chicken slaughterhouse.
  • Building the International Zakat & Infaq Department that aims to provide scholarships for Indonesian orphans who excel so they can study abroad and support the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Foundation's empowerment program in health, economy, education, socio-culture, & sports.
  • Toward Kampung Bahari Nusantara (KBN), the Nusantara Patriots Majapahit Foundation's Food Security & MSME Economic Program collaborates with the local administration while collaborating with the Indonesian National Military Forces in the agriculture, plantation, livestock, and fisheries sectors.
  • Providing mobile health service.
  • Programs offering free medical care to those in need alternate between sub-districts.
  • Thanks to CSR programs from pharmaceutical firms, BUMN, and other private businesses, free ambulance services are offered.
  • We are distributing stunting milk to underprivileged communities.
  • Opening a doctor's clinic offering emergency care to the underprivileged around-the-clock.

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