1. Access the site via a browser.
2. Click the REGISTER button at the top right.
3. Fill in your personal data then click Register or you can choose to log in with a Facebook or Google account.
4. If you choose via Facebook or Google, please log in to the account that will be used.
5. If not, please complete your personal data in the column provided. For Full Name, please fill in the name that matches your identity because the name will be listed on the certificate.

Please follow these steps:

1. Make sure the internet connection is smooth and stable.
2. Update the App to the latest version.
3. Login using Google if you previously registered with a Google account.

1. Enter the account menu.
2. Then click Settings.
3. Enter the new password/password in the New Password column
4. Click Save Changes.

General Activities

Please follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you already have an account at NPM, then go to the NPM Foundation front page
2. After that, please search for the class you are interested in via the Education button or use the Search Bar available at the top left of the page.

3. If you have found the class you are interested in, click on the class to be taken to the Class front page.
4. On the front page of the Class you can see class descriptions, training objectives, teaching methods, and class curriculum. Click on the JOIN CLASS button to proceed to the class checkout process.
5. On the checkout page, please fill in personal data in the form of name, email, and cellphone number or Whatsapp number. After that, please select the payment method using Transfer to Bank BNI.

After filling in your personal data and choosing a payment method, please click the PAY ORDER button to complete the check out process.

Purchased training programs can be found in the My Classes menu on the NPM Foundation Education Profile. After going to the My Class page, the program that has been purchased will appear on that page

1. Make sure the internet network is stable and please try it regularly.
2. If you are still experiencing problems, please log in via another device or web browser to continue class

1. Please go to the My Class menu to check whether the class status has been resolved.
2. If the status has been resolved, please enter the NPM Profile menu
3. On the Profile menu there will be class titles that have been completed.
4. Click on the completed class title to view the class certificate.
5. Please provide ratings and reviews through the Google Play Store.


Please contact NPM Foundation Customer Care via email or WA at +6281 22 394 222 3 by attaching a screenshot of the certificate.


1. The class that has been purchased will be verified for a maximum of 1 working day and the class will automatically appear and can be accessed on the Profile page - My Class
2. If you have made a payment but the status is still waiting for more than 1 working day, please report to our customer service at and please wait for 1×24 hours until your class can access.

Refunds for class payments made a maximum of 3 (three) days after payment is made and validated. Refund requests are submitted to email along with the reasons for the refund and a photo of the receipt / proof of payment that has been made.

Refund verification is carried out no later than 3 (three) days. Refunds will be made no later than 7 (seven) days after your refund application is approved. Funds will be returned in full according to the amount you paid without any deductions to the BNI Bank account on behalf of the Student. Refund transfers to destination accounts other than Bank BNI will incur a transfer fee of IDR 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah) for each transfer.

Refund requests are limited by the following conditions:

1. Refund requests are made no later than 3 (three) days after payment is made and validated.

2. The class you paid for cannot be accessed for a maximum of 48 (forty eight) hours due to an error on the part of NPM and after you make a complaint to

3. Teaching materials in class are not in accordance with the class curriculum shown on the front page of the class.

4. Mentors commit acts that violate laws and content requirements through teaching materials and interactions.

Refund requests will be automatically rejected if one or more of the following elements are met:

1. Past the deadline of 3 (three) days since the payment is validated.

2. Students have accessed more than 25% (twenty five percent) of teaching materials as shown through student progress in class.

3. Students have never made a disturbance complaint directed to

4. Refund requests are based on the student's subjective assessment of teaching methods, learning methods, and teaching materials.

5. Refund requests for reasons that are not regulated through the refund provisions.

For the record, if the NPM Foundation finds that you are abusing this Refund rule, NPM has the right to refuse a refund and block you as an NPM Foundation user.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call Me 24/7

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