In preparing the proposal development of “Nusantara Academia & Central Business District Nusantara” with allotment of Lecture Rooms, Tijaroh Laboratories, Offices, Islamic Economics and Finance Practicum, as well as Syari’ah Banking Facilities, and Learning Centers which have significance for Islam as the center of Tijaroh returns to the time of khulafaurrasyidin which implements everyone is free to enter the Shopping Center without any hindrance and brings benefits to the Orphanage Foundations around the Central Business District Nusantara which implements the mechanism of the Islamic Shopping Center is a free market where the government here plays the role of superintendent of shopping centers (al-muhtashib) for ensure that there are no disturbances at the Shopping Center such as overviews, tadlis, and market distortions so as to create perfect competition where prices are determined by the forces of demand  and supply which occur fairly and in balance according to the Shari’a at the time of the Prophet SAW and khulafaurrasyidin.


By eliminating rental fees for 2 years and thereafter, affordable rent for Micro Business Actors, so that community empowerment programs & can create entrepreneurship and independence and have the opportunity to open new Business fields in the Central Business District Nusantara, so as to reduce the number unemployment and poverty of the people, where Indonesia is a country that has the largest Muslim population in the world so that the Nusantara Central Business District facility is a supporting facility for the Nusantara Academia Education program and makes a society that is advanced, prosperous and happy both physically and mentally so that many call this situation Indonesia as The Center of World Education and Civil Society