Full online business course through high quality teaching videos on the best vocational education platform in Indonesia. This ability has promising career prospects and high income. Learn with certified and industry-recognized expert instructors. Suitable for those of you who want to learn business knowledge, open your own business, or work flexibly.

Career Opportunities

Job Vacancies available

10.000 +

Average Salary

Rp. 10 - 20 Juta

Best Selling Course

Why should you take a Business course at NPM?

1. Online courses with official certification

Learning 100% online that can be done anytime anywhere. Collaborate with government agencies in creating a curriculum that conforms to professional education standards.

2. Expert instructor with a professional license

Directly guided by an experienced practitioner instructor with industry recognition.

3. Competency certificates recognized by the industry

An official certificate recognized by the industry as a job opportunity and professional advancement.

Professional Competency Certificate

Competency certificates that can be used to increase your chances of getting a job and enhancing your professional career.